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Angkor Wat



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Jungle temple (Ta Prohm)


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Bangkok and Siem Reap

Dammit, I had just finished a lengthy posting about my activities over the past two days, but somehow I have managed to delete it and not save it.

Given it is now midnight and I have to be up in a few hours to leave early for the temples, I couldn't be bothered writing it all down again at this point in time, maybe tomorrow night I will update this posting with the detail. In the interim, I have posted some photos of what I have been up to so far.

OK, so here is the run down of the first two days. Of course, this version is not going to be of the same (high) standard of my original post last night that I deleted.

The first morning in Bangkok I got up relatively early and caught the subway out to Chatuchak markets, of small market of merely 15,000 stalls. You can buy just about anything there - from clothes, souvenirs, 'fresh' food (if you count meat and seafood that is sitting out in the open waiting to be cooked as fresh food) through to pet rabbits that come complete with a little dress. I wandered around there for about an hour or so, getting lost going up the narrow little alley ways, then trying to figure out if I had been through this part before and how to get back to the train station.

After getting back from the market, the plan was to catch a ferry downtown. So after a short tuk tuk ride to the river, I no doubt made someone's day by paying what am sure now was way over the odds for a boat ride down the river. Though in my defence, I did end up with an entire long boat to myself, so was probably worth the price in the end. The boat dropped me off down near Kho San Road, which is where I sat down for a cold beer and some lunch.

I managed to squeeze in a traditional thai massage (200 baht or about $7 for the hour), and then met up with my group. After dinner a few of us then headed to the skybar for some amazing views of the city at night. Day 1 complete.

Yesterday was the 7 hr bus ride across the Cambodian border to Siem Reap. The drive was mostly through farms areas, and small villages where people carve out their living through small farms, a few cows and chickens, and some who dy fish on tarps right beside the road. I am guessing he dust and exhaust fumes add something to the favour of the fish.

For dinner we wandered down to the centre of Siem Reap and night markets, and ate at a restaurant in "Pub Street", which included some traditional Cambodian dances, which were quite cool, or at least the first couple were and then it was a bit same same but different. The food in Cambodia is excellent (as it was in Bangkok), however unlike thai food it is not spicy here.

Today is out to the temples (we have been to one and come back to the hotel briefly before heading out for more temples), so I will post more about them tonight.

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Siem Reap




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Bangkok River cruise




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