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Views driving from Laung Prabang to Vang Vieng

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Vang Vieng

Yesterday morning we took the long drive through the Laos mountains from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng.  The scenery on the drive was stunning.  Vang Vieng is the backpacker party capital of Laos, where backpackers come to drink free Lao Lao (locally made moonshine) whilst tubing down the river.  Seeing how fast the river flowed, the tubing did not look like a great idea, and then seeing the trashed and trashy drunks coming back into town late validated the decision to not go tubing.

Upon arrival in Vang Vieng a few of us grabbed our swimmers and headed for the Blue Lagoon, which turned out to be nothing like in the movie, or a lagoon at all really given it was just a swimming spot at a bend in a river that was flowing quite fast.  So fast in fact that you had to hold onto reeds on the bank with one hand whilst drinking a beer with the other to avoid being taken away by the current to the rapids downstream.

When we arrived there were a few backpackers doing crazy jumps off a tree, but once they left we moved up to the good swimming spot with the tree, and proceeded to jump off of it and swing ourselves.  I again showed some restraint by only jumping off the lower branch of the tree.

This morning we then went exploring a few of the local caves in the mountains around town which was pretty cool, especially the water cave where to get inside you have to pull yourself along ropes into the cave whilst floating on a tube, so a relatively sensible version of tubing.

We have now arrived in Vientiane for our last night in Laos before heading back to Bangkok on the overnight train.  Tomorrow morning we go to a museum type thing and a few more temples (of doom!) before heading across the border back to Thailand.  

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More elephant riding

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View from Mount Phousi

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